Lorna Alkana (2014) Soon those leaves will be windows Photo + 8"x10"

Lorna Alkana (2014) The shape of things Photo + 8"x10"

Seal Beach skies get me often

Lorna Alkana (2014) Turtle in the bathtub, again Photo 5"x7"

Lorna Alkana (2014) Grassy Lake (in a neat little package) Photo + 8"x10"

Lorna Alkana (2014) Clouds whichever way you look at it Photo + 8"x10"

Lorna Alkana (2014) Just a parking garage Photo + 12"x12"

Lorna Alkana (2013) Two Still in a Pool Photo 12"x18"

Burbank infinity pool on the 4th of July

Lorna Alkana (2014) Modern Window Photo + 16"x20"

Seal Beach view, still from art gif

Lorna Alkana (2014) If I could crumple the city into a ball Photo + 8"x10"

Lorna Alkana (2014) Multitudes (GIF Still) Photo + 8.5"x11"

Lorna Alkana (2014) The Underground Music Scene Photo + 16"x20"

Los Feliz, Los Angeles at The Dresden

Lorna Alkana (2014) Palm Springs, Sometimes Photo + 8.5"x11

Lorna Alkana (2014) Found kind eyes in the clouds this time Photo + 8.5"x11"

Lorna Alkana (2014) When I’m driving home at dusk, I often decide to pass my house to go to Gum Grove and watch the suns set in the west of our south-facing beach Photo + 8.5" x 11"

Lorna Alkana (2014) AJ Froman Photo + 8.5" x 11"

Lorna Alkana (2014) Calla Lily (for Simone) Photo + 12"x18"